Route 53: Woodward

“Trying to catch the 53 Woodward northbound from downtown last week after work, I waited for an hour in a snowbank for it to arrive. Usually I just walk the hour home, but I felt a cold coming on and was trying in vain to save myself some time breathing in the cold air. Waiting with me was another rider who spent the entire hour leaning on a cane, with nowhere to sit. When we finally boarded the bus, it only went a block and a half before the driver pulled over, said “I gotta talk to my supervisor,” and walked off the bus. We spent at least ten minutes parked on the side of the road while our driver talked with someone outside. Toward the end of our wait, I started recording our motionless bus because it was so ridiculous. Eventually the driver had myself and the other rider get off the bus and put us on a DIFFERENT 53 Northbound bus, which was overpacked with people stuffed into the aisle. It took us a half hour to get from downtown to Mack & Woodward due to all of the traffic from the M-1 Rail construction, at which point myself and a few other riders asked to be let out in the middle of halted traffic to try our luck walking home. I really felt for our bus driver, who was obviously frustrated as well but there was really nothing he could do. My total commute home that day took over TWO HOURS for just a two mile journey. I would have been better off walking!” – via email submission


Route 18: Fenkel

“This is the second day that there hasn’t been a bus for the Fenkel route, the one that’s supposed to leave at 5:25. This is the second day that they don’t have a bus covering that time slot. It’s ridiculous, I don’t understand. They say the city bought new buses, but there aren’t using them! Thank you.” – via voicemail submission

Route 53: Woodward

“Waited this morning from just before 9am at Woodward and Canfield. For the 53 northbound. Five 53 southbound went past. Two northbound smart buses. An hour and 45 minutes later two fully packed ddots show up. When I arrived- I sent a text to that one number and checked the ddot official app. Both told me a bus should arrive with in 9 minutes. It never came. What happened to that bus? It was even on the apps little radar thing. Ghost bus? Picking up the wrong GPS?” – via facebook submission

Route 21: Grand River

“Hi, I’m actually standing at the corner of Grand River and West Grand Boulevard. It’s 6 o clock and I’ve been waiting for a while now for the Grand River bus to go westbound toward the Redford Theater. Tonight happens to be the night that Mayor Duggan is giving his state of the city address, and I was hoping to be there early but the way that the bus is running right now it’s definitely going to be late. The text my bus system said that the bus should be here in 0 minutes and then another one following in 10 minutes. It’s now been 5 minutes. I’m looking down the road and I don’t see any bus in the far distance at all. My guess is that the system has failed again at a rather interesting point in time. Thanks.” – via voicemail submission

Route 16: Dexter

“More than 10, less than 15 people waiting for the Dexter 16, outbound. One says he’s been waiting so long his transfer expired. The bus scheduled to stop rolls past without stopping. It’s 6:15 pm and freezing.” – via website submission

Route 25: Jefferson/Fort

“Hello, I’m currently on Fort and Outer Drive at 10:24 AM. I’ve been standing here since 10:05 AM and I catch this bus every day. I’m waiting for the DDOT Fort bus and it hasn’t came yet and I’m running late because of this situation.” – via voicemail submission

Route 25: Jefferson/Fort

“The Fort bus Eastbound is habitually absent upon my return to the transit center from the Fort and Outer Drive stop. I get off of work at different times. So if I show up at the stop at 6:23p, the bus will not arrive. Or will arrive at 7:23. Upon which I have been subjected to subzero temperatures waiting for the bus. Sometimes a bus would unload passengers and drive off, never returning.
I was late to work on 11/27/14(Thanksgiving) upon which I arrived at the transit center at five before nine o clock. I did not catch a bus until 10:05 am. Luckily I was able to catch the Smart bus from Outer Drive, only being 13 minutes late.
I was waiting on the Woodward 53 bus going outbound on W Grand Blvd. Six to eight buses traveled inbound, one came outbound. However the bus was at full occupancy, and therefore passed us by. I was able to catch the Smart bus towards Eight mile.
I do not understand why the Smart bus system is such a large contrast in punctuality than ddot. I pray that all complaints are heard with some rectifying measures taken. Thank you…” – via email submission