Route 23: Hamilton

“Relying almost solely on the 23 Hamilton line to get where I need to go these days: to and from work 5 days a week, buddhist temple, fundraisers in my old neighborhood and so forth. In the early morning it has been surprisingly reliable (most days), but in the evenings, forget about it! Last Wednesday, I tried to catch a bus home from work around 5:30– text message service said there would be a bus in 15 minutes, but I arrived in 5 and then it informed me the next bus was not for another 30 minutes… then 63 minutes… then 21… 2 hours of waiting before a bus came, despite what the text service said. Then Friday evening, I tried to catch it to a fundraiser in my old neighborhood– the text service said a bus was due in 10 minutes. I stood at the stop watching the estimated time ping pong back and forth between 7 and 10 for A GODDAMN HOUR. It was awful standing in the dark alone watching the numbers keep changing in ways that didn’t make sense! Meanwhile, no bus. I eventually ended up calling a cab that I couldn’t really afford so I wouldn’t miss the event. Fast forward to today: I am leaving work at the usual time, hoping to catch the bus scheduled to come around 5. Text service informs me that the next bus is due in 142 MINUTES??? Cripes! What’s a rider to do??” – via facebook submission

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