Route 25: Jefferson/Fort

“The Fort bus Eastbound is habitually absent upon my return to the transit center from the Fort and Outer Drive stop. I get off of work at different times. So if I show up at the stop at 6:23p, the bus will not arrive. Or will arrive at 7:23. Upon which I have been subjected to subzero temperatures waiting for the bus. Sometimes a bus would unload passengers and drive off, never returning.
I was late to work on 11/27/14(Thanksgiving) upon which I arrived at the transit center at five before nine o clock. I did not catch a bus until 10:05 am. Luckily I was able to catch the Smart bus from Outer Drive, only being 13 minutes late.
I was waiting on the Woodward 53 bus going outbound on W Grand Blvd. Six to eight buses traveled inbound, one came outbound. However the bus was at full occupancy, and therefore passed us by. I was able to catch the Smart bus towards Eight mile.
I do not understand why the Smart bus system is such a large contrast in punctuality than ddot. I pray that all complaints are heard with some rectifying measures taken. Thank you…” – via email submission


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