Route 53: Woodward

“Trying to catch the 53 Woodward northbound from downtown last week after work, I waited for an hour in a snowbank for it to arrive. Usually I just walk the hour home, but I felt a cold coming on and was trying in vain to save myself some time breathing in the cold air. Waiting with me was another rider who spent the entire hour leaning on a cane, with nowhere to sit. When we finally boarded the bus, it only went a block and a half before the driver pulled over, said “I gotta talk to my supervisor,” and walked off the bus. We spent at least ten minutes parked on the side of the road while our driver talked with someone outside. Toward the end of our wait, I started recording our motionless bus because it was so ridiculous. Eventually the driver had myself and the other rider get off the bus and put us on a DIFFERENT 53 Northbound bus, which was overpacked with people stuffed into the aisle. It took us a half hour to get from downtown to Mack & Woodward due to all of the traffic from the M-1 Rail construction, at which point myself and a few other riders asked to be let out in the middle of halted traffic to try our luck walking home. I really felt for our bus driver, who was obviously frustrated as well but there was really nothing he could do. My total commute home that day took over TWO HOURS for just a two mile journey. I would have been better off walking!” – via email submission


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