Route 53: Woodward


“SB Woodward, 7:45 a.m. Despite the huge snow drifts, my bus arrived only 20 minutes later than what the app said. The snow was pouring into my boots and I would have sat on the bus bench, but it had no shelter and was covered in ice and snow. During the ride, a fellow passenger got an angry call from what I assume was his boss. He pleaded with the man on the phone, saying that he had been waiting on the bus since 5:50 and would be there soon. From the way the other riders nodded their heads, I knew he wasn’t the only one. When the bus dropped me off downtown, the snow on the sidewalk was almost up to the parking meters. I walked the rest of the way to work in the street.” – via email submission


M-1 Rail Construction

53 NB Woodward waiting in the street

Pictured: folks waiting to catch the bus in the blocked-off section of Woodward Ave. What have your experiences been like during the M-1 construction? Folks who use these lines, has this affected you? Are you still able to find your stop and get where you need to go? Let us know here in the comments, or on our Facebook page!

Favorite DDOT Bus Stop of the Day!

53 NB Woodward M1 Construction

Pictured here: 53 Woodward Northbound stop just south of Mack, adorned with a beautiful garbage bag and duct tape ensemble! This bus stop is currently being rerouted, but unfortunately you can’t figure out where because the M-1 construction won’t let you get close enough to read the informational flyer. Good thing the city makes that information easily accessible online!! Oh, wait…