Route 21: Grand River

“I went to Grand River and 7 Mile on Sunday. I tried to get the Grand River bus which was supposed to leave at 12 o clock. Then I connect with the Puritan bus which was supposed to leave at 12:20. The Grand River bus was supposed to arrive at 12:15 but the Grand River bus left late. But he did get me there in time, the Puritan bus was running 11 minutes behind on a Sunday with a 65 minute line. I used to drive for DDOT so I know how the systems run. Bus drivers don’t get any time [voicemail cuts out]. Duggan doesn’t care about bus riders. He’s only concerned with downtown. Buying new buses will only replace the old ones, but it won’t improve service. Schaffer bus runs every 55 minutes during the weekdays and on Saturday, and it runs ever 60 minutes on Sunday. Puritan runs once an hour Monday through Saturday and 65 minutes on Sunday. Most of these buses are all the same. These are my comments. Like I said, I’m a former driver so I know how the system is running, should be running.” – via voicemail submission