Route 31: Mack

“I would just like to comment on the Mack bus in particular. This bus is late constantly and it’s absolutely absurd. I’ve waited on this bus a maximum of four hours before waiting for it to show up. After work, it seems like around 3-ish, this bus is just constantly late. It’s always full, and the Mack bus is a long route so I don’t understand why there’s only one bus. If you stand down at the transit center and watch, the Mack bus is always the one with the most people on it. It’s the one that’s always late. I don’t understand why they can’t get it together. That’s my story.” -via voicemail submission


Favorite DDOT Bus Stop of the Day!

53 NB Woodward M1 Construction

Pictured here: 53 Woodward Northbound stop just south of Mack, adorned with a beautiful garbage bag and duct tape ensemble! This bus stop is currently being rerouted, but unfortunately you can’t figure out where because the M-1 construction won’t let you get close enough to read the informational flyer. Good thing the city makes that information easily accessible online!! Oh, wait…