Route 07: Cadillac/Harper


“I occasionally ride the DDOT bus and it is a shame how poor the service. It’s actually criminal. I had to take the Cadillac/Harper on Friday. I sent a text to 50464 to find out when the next bus was coming and this is the message that I got “sorry, I don’t see buses in the next 90 minutes for Larned & Woodward. Call 888-DDOT-BUS.” I called the number and it was disconnected. I then called the number that was on the bus stop sign and spoke to a customer service representative. I was told that the reason there was no bus showing for the next 90 minutes was because there was only 1 bus going down the line in each direction. 1 freaking bus going east and 1 freaking bus going west. I was livid. Fortunately I was able to catch the Jefferson bus, it it caused me to have to walk over a half a mile instead of being dropped off right at my destination.

Something must be done. We have to demand better service. March down to Duggan’s office if we have to.” – via facebook submission